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And We are Off!!!

We are off to a great start of the year. Randy and I are focusing on our tasks. We have some amazing new houses to sell and are really focusing on getting houses that are good deals and in good condition. One thing we are always trying to do is stay creative. This means being open to new innovations, willing to take controlled risks, and ready to face life with an open mind. It does not mean we abandon our rules and standards. We have found that maintaining standards in service maintains the quality of service. We expect to continue to maintain our standards and raise them as innovation and creativity allows us to find new ways to meet challenges. 

2019 Final Numbers

Thank You for working with us in 2018!

We are thankful to announce the Wright Team sold 77 transactions totaling volume of over Eight Million Dollars of property.

This was our best year yet. None of it would have been possible without you.


Replace the Carpet


EPLACE Your old Carpet
Your pet smells live in the carpet pad long after the pet moves away. Be sure when you are getting your home on the market to replace any carpets older than 5 years. Newer carpets can be steam cleaned to get most of the smells out. Consider having a friend drop in and get a fresh perspective on if the house smells ready for the market. For a more professional opinion contact us. We will set a time to help build your winning strategy to get your home smelling good and getting sold. 

71 Sold YTD


West Side of Lawton

west side

Lawton, OK West Side

Randy and I moved to the West Side of Lawton in April of this year. We were talking the other day about all the good things on this side of town. When work has gone way over 8 hours and there is no time to make supper we can visit one of our local establishments and get a really good meal with excellent service. Some of our favorites are Qdoba, Outback, Olive Garden, and Popeye's. The people are always friendly. We are getting be able to recognize specific waiters, and even have requested our favorite waiters upon occasion. 

Another part of West Side living I really like is the sidewalks in our neighborhood and the mature trees. I can walk down to the soccer field with my daughter to practice a bit and enjoy the cool of the day or just take the dog on a walk and say hi to the neighbors. 

Target is one of my favorite places to shop. Randy says I spend way too much time and money there, but how can you not with the excellent selection and a Starbucks in the store. They always have the most current novels and NY Times best sellers available and of course groceries. In the same shopping center is Academy Sports, Versona, Kimono, Sports Cuts, and many other neat places to explore. I recommend Kimono for great sushi. 

When I drive home from the kids' school there are spots of open land that makes me feel like I am driving through the prairie. I think that for Oklahoma as a whole, the greatest thing about living here is the wide open spaces, the room to grow and become more as a community. I welcome you to come and try out Lawton's West side. See if this is a place you also can call home. 

51 and counting

51 and counting

What makes the Wright Team different?

Every Agent should have a value proposition-something that makes them uniquely situated to bring you the right amount of service and results. The Wright Team is a family business centered around the individual client experience. Our goal is to make the process of buying or selling a home as calm and successful as possible. We do this by establishing and maintaining standards.

Standard #1 Communication- We communicate in text, email, phone, or in person and seek to bring clarity to the process.

Standard #2 The Next Step-We seek to always give the next step. Sometimes the process can be overwhelming. By focusing on the next step we can more easily get through to the end result.

Standard #3 The Goal- Each client has a goal in mind, a dream home, a move, a place for the family. We seek to keep the focus on the goal throughout the process.

That is the difference. 

Updated Numbers


sold 73118


We have have really enjoyed this year of Growth with the Wright Team. We learned a lot of lessons, have been able to help a lot of 

amazing clients and are not even done yet. In the Fall we began putting together a plan for 2018. We looked at everything we were able to accomplish,

were grateful for getting that far, and then began to dream of what 2018 might be able to bring. We looked at things that 

worked. We discussed things that didn't work. We asked for input from our excellent coach as well as from the 

top notch agents around us. That gave us some ideas to try. This year has been an amazing ride of 

seeing what is possible. I hope this year is also an amazing year for all of you.

The Path to Redo


the path to redo


The Path to Redo

Shockingly enough, most of the time the first time I walk into a home to list it, the home is not ready yet. That means a redo will have to be done. It is sort of like a "Do Over" when playing a game. You walk in expecting HGTV and you don't quite get it on the first time. When I know the client needs a do over I have some pretty simple advice. 

1. Budget and plan in advance

The success of failure of the whole plan is in the planning. Expect the unexpected. Put extra room in the budget for emergencies. Wrigt it all down. Every penny, every project, the time frame, the goal, and the back up plan. 

Be sure to discuss the plan in detail with all decision makers. Get everyone to sign off before you begin. Many projects are left undone because everyone was not on board. 

2. Begin with the most important: The walls, roof, and structure. Get them inspected and make sure they are in the right condition. You do not want to invest into a home that is going to be destroyed by time or nature as you work. Call a termite professional, roofer, contractor, and foundation specialist. Get them to sign off on the integrity of the house before you begin. 

3. Prep work: Remove everything that does not belong. Prepare the floors, walls, everything for the work. 

4. Begin at the bottom and work your way up. Prepare the floors, then paint, then put in fixtures. You build from the bottom up.

5. Clean from the top down: Start with the light fixtures and vents and clean everything you can see, including changing the air filters. 

6. Accessorize and finish: Make the home feel excellent. When you walk in you should feel like you want to stay a while. It should be clean, bright, nice smelling, beautiful.

Working in My Strength


working strength


Working in My Strength

There are 3 ways of finding strengths in life. I started out working primarily on my weaknesses. I wanted to do sales. I wanted to make a way for my family to transition from the military. I began learning all the things people told me was important. I failed. I failed. I failed, then I succeeded. I started to see there were things I did not fail at. I started to try those things again. That was one of the ways to find your strengths: 


By duplicating the successes I was able to begin working in my strengths. 

As I went along I received both positive and negative feedback. I began to really mull over the negative feedback until I presented it to a wise woman. She asked me who the person was who had given me that information and whether they were qualified experts on me. I replied, "No, in fact, I think the reason they said it was because they wanted me to pay them more money." She said, "Then they do not have the right to give you information about yourself. There should only be a handful of people in your life who are experts on you. Listen to them." That is the second way I found my strengths. 


As that began to bring some peace and I was able to weed out the bad advice and more quickly find the good by examining the source, I was involved in a lot of coaching in sales. During the coaching I was given personality assessments. One of them was the DISC Test. It explained myself to myself. I learned I am more concerned with results than details. That allowed me to really see a clearer path. If I am more concerned with results, I need to focus on the activities that give the best results. 


was this step. I began seeing how I do things and deciding proactively what activities I do and do not do. I used this to cut down on wasted time, money, and emotional ties. The problem with all of this is it does not work without people also using their strengths with you.  I had to 


Without a team of people who have strengths where I have weaknesses my weaknesses will be like ticking bombs ready to explode when I do not focus on them. In order for me to live in my strengths I need my friends, my family, my support. I need their strengths like they need mine. We live this life together. 

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