The Wright Team Why Use RE/MAX



When I came to Lawton and decided to join it's real estate market as a Sales Associate I looked around for the place for me. The obvious first choice was RE/MAX. I knew the name to be well established. Since then I have come to love this company. Please take a moment to read some of the reasons why. 

RE/MAX Professionals is built upon principles held dear to RE/MAX International. The first is to find the WIN-WIN where all parties have a winning solution. The second is working with the best. At RE/MAX we can offer you the best REALTOR(R)  because we are independent sales associates who work hard to build our individual reputations. 

Each office inside the main office is individually owned and operated. This means the sales associate not only pays their own office expenses, but he or she is making their own decisions on how they process the sale of your home, decisions that work the best and the fastest for them to get your home sold. We foot the bill because we believe we will sell your home.

RE/MAX currently holds the highest percentage of sales in the Lawton area because these principles work. We individually look for creative answers to your individual needs.

We invest in you with the upfront cost of marketting your home, and place your priorities into our independent business, where we do not make money until you do. We hope you learn through experience that it is good to work with RE/MAX. Please take a moment and watch one of our inventive marketting solutions, our Lawton Open House program.