The Wright Team Foreclosures


Basically the differences between a foreclosure sale and a single party owner is as follows:
  • You will need to finance the purchase either Conventional (20-25% down payment), Cash (100% down), or through a special FHA loan that pays you back for repairs. This is because the agency who owns the property will not authorize repairs to bring property condition up to the standard necessary for FHA or VA loan appraisals.
  • There is more paperwork up front with more disclosures. The process to get a property under contract takes a couple more days.
  • There is a bid process first where you place the initial bid and the agency counters or accepts. Then we write up the offer.
  • In order to do home inspections the agency usually requires a fee and for the buyer to pay to have utilities turned on and off.
  • Because the property is being purchased As Is, there is a risk to the buyer which means you usually can purchase a home for much less than market value.
To search homes in this category you can search the agency's websites or utilize mine and look for the words Bank-Owned, REO, HUD owned, VA acquired, or FANNIE MAE, FREDDIE MAC. These are all agencies which sell foreclosed properties. Some websites I know to find more information would be:
I hope this is both educational and inspirational. Let me know when you have some favorites to check into. I will continue to help you in your search for a great home.