The Wright Team Buyer's Checklist


Home Buying Checklist:

Before we begin your home search, work through this checklist. Knowing what you want in a home will help us to find it. Feel free to bring any notes or questions you may have to our first meeting.

  • What is the purpose of your home purchase?
  • What would be your ideal home payment?
  • If you have children, is there a particular school you wish they will attend?
  • Imagine walking out to pick up your paper in the morning at your brand new home. What would your neighborhood look like? Does it have a lot of trees and sidewalks? Is there a park nearby? Is it a newer subdivision?
  • What Size of a home are you needing?
  • Think of your current living arrangement and furnishings What items need to stay the same and which ones may be altered to fit the right home (Beds, dressers, shrunks, hutches, entertainment system, television, storage units, etc...)?
  • Where do you spend most of your time at home? Which room is most important?
  • Do you do much entertaining? If so, what rooms do you use?
  • What appliances are you bringing, and which would you like to be provided?
  • How much storage do you need and how accessible will it need to be?
  • Do you have any special hobbies that require a special room?
  • Does your employment have any requirements for your home such as a home office?
  • Imagine Six months from now when you are moved in and settled in your new home and the newness has worn off, describe your ideal home and family life.