The Wright Team About Lawton/Fort Sill


Lawton was founded during the land rush of Oklahoma with a Land Lottery.

Fort Sill was established earlier, in 1869 as a Frontier Fort to settle disputes with the Native Americans who settled in Oklahoma as a result of the Trail of Tears. The famous Buffalo soldiers, a group of enlisted African American soldiers, were the fort''s founders. Fort Sill is the oldest Frontier Fort still in use. It has played an integral part in the formation of Lawton. In fact, Lawton was so named by one of Fort Sill''s generals, after a friend and colleague who died in the Civil War.  As the post grew so grew Lawton. Each war saw a succession of housing build up in the town. 

A grid was created to allot land for the land lottery. Thus Alphabets are road names for north to south and numbers are names for east to west on either side of a street called Railroad. The homes in the center of town range in age and use. As time has passed, few of the original structures are still in place. The Mattie Beal home and the library are some prized historic structures.

World War II saw the beginning of such neighborhoods as Fields and Dunning, with a park in the center and quaint homes with two to three bedrooms and one car garages. The street names chosen speak of the time with Liberty, and Victory, as well as speak of a love of nature in Lake, Oak, and Ash. As you pass Cache Road, you find the presidents names for established street names. As the cars grew in size and number per household, many garages in these World War II homes now have been converted into additional living spaces.

As the consecutive wars of Korean and Vietnam wars created a demand for housing, the homes grew with the two income homes. The garages also grew, into two car garages, one for each working parent. The lots are large in the homes associated with this timeframe and there is often a second living room to provide a formal and informal space, as families increasingly spent time around the television.

As the Gulf Wars built the latest group of new housing, new features have come to play. Open floor plans incorporate the kitchen in the living spaces, as dinner preparation is increasingly prepared by both parents. Space is more expensive and is often saved by incorporating smaller bedrooms, smaller lot sizes and larger closets to allow for storage and neccessary space for dressing. Luxury is appreciated, jetted tubs are standard as well as granite countertops in brand new construction beginning around the $150,000 range.

Where are you located in all of this? Do you desire a large floorplan with two living spaces and a large backyard, or are you more in tune with quaint features, rambling streets, and central parks? Feel free to drop by my office for the complete introduction to Lawton and to pick up a welcome packet. I look forward to helping you find your Lawton home. Following are some helpful links: